Bug bounty

A bug bounty scheme is implemented by a variety of platforms, organisations and app developers, through which people may be rewarded and compensated for reporting bugs, especially security vulnerabilities.

Bug bounty hunter
Bug bounty

Such tools help developers to identify and fix bugs, which avoid cases of systemic violence, before the general public is aware of them. Many organizations, like Mozilla, Facebook, Yahoo have introduced bug bounty schemes! , Microsoft, Reddit, Square and a bug-bounty on the Internet.

The Pentagon ‘s usage of bug bounty services has been indicative of a transition of posturing whereby many US government departments have seen a turn around in the intimidating white chape hackers with legal action to contact them into inclusion in the cycle of bug bounty. Organizations other than telecommunications, and historically conservative organisations such as the Department of Defense.

How to become a bug bounty hunter?

Before going straight to, How you should get started as a Bug Hunter, getting a History in Information Protection or extensive knowledge of vulnerability detection would be helpful. However – It’s not necessary to be well-versed in Information Security.

You have to know trend

This is the first thing you can do before Bug hunting gets going.
Start to look at the pattern in the bug bounty market, what is associated with the king of sites, what techniques hackers use, what resources are associated, etc.
It will offer an understanding of how to step on and get going as a tracker of bug bounty.

Some of the keys area to focus are :

  • Cross-site scripting
  • SQL injection
  • Business logic
  • Information gathering etc.

Education & Training

Cyber Security is a vast topic, and in just a few days, no one can master it. When studying the vulnerability assessment nuts & bolts arrives, people either go for a short time solution, or take full instruction. In other terms, how easily you intend to know depends solely on you.

Know the tools

Kali Linux is one of the strongest when it comes to penetration testing or vulnerability evaluation when it comes to penetration testing or vulnerability assessment. However, it is not mandatory nor is not obligatory. The main explanation for utilizing Kali linux is that this OS is equipped with 100 advanced devices that can hack through the powerful information protection network.

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