Basics In Linux Part 1

What is hacking?

Hacking is the process of gaining unauthorized access into computer systems and network systems or a personal network inside a computer. They will destroy and stop authorized users from accessing the system.


As organizations become increasingly security conscious and the cost of security breaches rises exponentially, many large organizations are beginning to contract out security services.

A penetration test is essentially a legal, commissioned hack to demonstrate the vulnerability of a firm’s network and systems. Generally, organizations conduct a vulnerability assessment first to find potential vulnerabilities in their network, operating systems, and services.

I emphasize potential, as this vulnerability scan includes a significant number of false positives (things identified as vulnerabilities that really are not). It is the role of the penetration tester to aim to hack, or penetrate, these vulnerabilities.

Only then can the organization know whether the vulnerability is real and choose to take a position time and money to shut the vulnerability.



So why do hackers use Linux over other operating systems? Mostly because Linux offers a far higher level of control via a few different methods. why do hackers use Linux over other operating systems? Mostly because Linux offers a far higher level of control via a few different methods.

interference in basic linux
Interference in basic Linux



Unlike Windows, Linux is open source, meaning that the source code of the OS is available to you. As such, you can change and manipulate it as you please.

If you are trying to make a system operate in ways it was not intended to, being able to control the source code is essential.



To hack effectively, you must know and understand your operating system and, to an outsized extent, the operating system you are attacking.

Linux is completely transparent, meaning we will see and manipulate all its working parts. Not so with Windows. Microsoft tries hard to make it as difficult as possible to know the inner workings of its operating systems, so you never really know. This makes working with Basics in Linux simpler.


Linux Offers Granular Control

Linux is granular. That means that you simply have an almost infinite amount of control over the system. In Windows, you can control only what Microsoft allows you to control. Basics in Linux, everything can be controlled by the terminal, at the most minuscule level, or at the foremost macro level. In addition, Linux makes scripting in any of the scripting languages simple and effective.


Most Hacking Tools Are Written for Linux

Well over 90 percent of tools are written for Linux. There are exceptions, in fact, such as Cain and Abel and Wikto, but those exceptions prove the rule. Even when hacking tools like Metasploit or Nmap are ported for Windows, not all the capabilities transfer from Linux.

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