Ethical hacking

Basic Ethical Hacking

Introduction to Basic Ethical Hacking

Basic Ethical hacking is the process of gaining unauthorized access into computer systems and network systems or a personal network inside a computer. They will destroy and stop authorized users from accessing the system.

Types Of Hacking

  • White hat hacking (Cybersecurity ): This hacking is additionally referred to as ethical hacking.
  • They never shall harm a system rather they struggle to seek out out weaknesses during a computer or network system as a neighborhood of Penetration testing and vulnerability assessment.
  • Ethical hacking isn’t illegal and it’s one of the demanding jobs available within the IT industry.
  • Black hat hacking (cracking): This type of hacking also referred to as crackers are those that have so as to realize unofficial permission access to a system and harm its operations.
  • Black hat hacking is usually illegal due to its bad intent which incorporates stealing data and breaking privacy, damaging the system and blocking network, etc.
  • Grey hat hacking (both): This type of hacking may be a blend of both white hat hacking and black hat hacking.
  • They act without malicious intent except for their fun, they exploit a security weakness during a computing system or network without the owner’s permission.
  • The main objective of grey hat hackers is to reveal the vulnerability assessment and weakness of the system.
  • Hacktivist: A hacktivist may be a hacker who utilizes technology to announce a social, religious, or political message. generally, most hacktivism involves website defacements.

Uses of ethical hacking

  1. Find vulnerabilities: Ethical hacking help companies to seek out IT security measure are effective which require to be updated and which contains vulnerabilities.
  2. Demonstrating method employed by Cybercriminals: These demonstrating show executives the hacking techniques.
  3. Helping steel oneself against cyberattacks: cyberattacks can cripple and destroy the business, especially small companies because they’re unprepared for a cyberattack.

Types of Hacking

  1. Web Application Hacking
  2. System Hacking 
  3. Web Server Hacking 
  4. Hacking Wireless Network 
  5. Social Engineering 


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