What is cloud storage?

In a network of physical offsite servers called the cloud, free cloud storage best storage of your files, documents, and other digital properties.These storage devices own and operate a server hosting business which allows you to store your files for a fee on their hardware.Speak of cloud services as a physical storage unit. Storage units are leased out from the storage unit company by people and companies.They can then use it to retain their items and valuables until they have to use it. With cloud storage, the only difference is that it’s all digital assets, like files and documents.

The 5 best free cloud storage

1. Google Drive – Best free cloud storage service (15GB)


Google free cloud storage best
Google cloud storage

Without any doubt, using Google Drive as your cloud storage solutions can not go wrong. In fact, if your company already relies primarily on GSuite, Android, or other Google services, you can also make full use of Google Drive for your cloud storage as well.Heck, you ‘re already using Google Drive, with a good chance. As it offers you 15 GB of free cloud storage best right off the bat, it is an extremely lucrative choice for those looking to back up from their computers the most important stuff.
In addition to being compatible with Android devices and Chromebooks, Google Drive also works well with Adobe apps.

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2. Media fire – Big file upload (10GB)

MediaFire free cloud storage best
Medifire cloud storage

At MediaFire are passionate about storage online. If you decide to upload a big file online or back up your data to the cloud, MediaFire makes having the job done quick.What you may not know about MediaFire is that it has several advanced features, MediaFire give you 10GB free cloud storage which can make your life even easier. To get the most out of your cloud storage, we have put together a list of our top recommendations.1. Automatically sync your music and videos to the cloud using MediaFire Desktop.
2. Instantly recover deleted files.
3. Share and collaborate on files with friends.
4. Easily share large files and folders.


3. Dubox – The most popular free cloud storage (1TB)

Dubox free cloud storage best
Dubox cloud storage

In Dubox you have 1 TB (1,000 GB) of stable Free cloud storage, then conveniently back up so you can’t miss them! Dubox helps everyone to access and move data to the cloud, and exchange them with family and friends. Back up images, videos , documents and other data to cloud servers, and access them compatible with all of your computers or mobile devices — from anywhere!Dubox cloud storage offers you following features :-Back up photos & videos
• Automatic photo backup from your phone
• Online photo preview & video playback
• 1 TB cloud storage to back up all your photos and videosFile Accessing
• Safely access any type of your files on the app while offline
• Easily archive your files
• Download multiple files at the same time in your transfer list

4. Mega – Free cloud storage (50GB)

Mega free cloud storage best
Mega cloud storage

Mega (styled in upper case as Super) or Mega.nz is a cloud computing and file sharing service provided by Super Limited, a corporation headquartered in Auckland. The service is mainly operated by web-based applications. Mega Smartphone Applications for Windows Phone, Android , and iOS are also available.
Mega is known for its large allowance of 50 GB of free account storage.

5 Degoo – larger software providing (100GB)

Degoo free cloud storage
Degoo cloud storage

Degoo is a modern provider of cloud storage and backup software providing 3GB-100 GB of free space.
Degoo has no compensation schedule at this point. It does not have any network or smartphone connectivity, either. The software offers programs only for Windows and Mac OS X.

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